Navigating the 5 stages of change

“The only constant in life is change”.

We all go through so many changes in life, whether you’re considering a career change, you may be facing changes in your relationships, what is important to you may be changing.

We also experience other more frequent changes day to day; joining a new team, starting a new project, embedding a new habit or exercise programme. We might be making changes to our daily routine.

Everyone is on their own journey but whatever stage of change you’re at, the recent episode from High Performance Podcast covered ‘5 stages of change’ which I found reassuring and insightful.

They note the 5 stages as: Dream, Leap, Fight, Climb, Arrive.

Dream - Where you are inspired and ambitious. Full of hope and energy, you create your vision. That might be the desire to get fit, change career, leave a relationship, start a new hobby.

Leap - This is where you make the decision to do it. You have a leap of faith. This means doing something different to what you were doing previously. You jump in, with both feet.

Fight - The tricky stage where things might go wrong. You question if you’ve done the right thing but it’s too late to go back, yet you can’t see ‘success’. You might doubt yourself and the path you’ve taken. It’s time to dig deep and remember your vision and why you started.

Climb - You begin to see glimmers of progress. If working in a team, this can be when the team is working well and all pulling in the same direction. You’re challenged yet motivated to continue.

Arrive - You’ve made it, you celebrate success at having reached your goal. This is the time to reflect back at your journey and acknowledge yourself before going again.