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the journaling space

the community you have been looking for

freedom. exploration. inspiration. ideas. community. accountability. awareness. guidance.


It's all here.

journal your way to freedom

Are you ready to set foot on the path of self-discovery and personal growth to become more empowered, more connected and more fully yourself?


There is a powerful tool available which will empower you to do just that: journaling

Journaling will give you a magical gift.


By developing a regular practice of journaling, you will get to know yourself better than you ever have before.

With that knowledge, comes acceptance. And with that acceptance comes freedom.


The journey of growth can be messy and lonely.


But I am here to tell you that you do not need to go it alone. 

I am here with you on this journey.

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journaling is scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, build self-confidence and reduce overwhelm

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hi, I'm Gemma

I have created the journaling space to support you on your journaling journey.


I have been writing my whole life. Writing to myself mainly, in the form of a 'dear diary'. At school, those pages were full of what happened in the day, and who my latest crush was.

I kept diaries of my traveling escapades and notes of the highs and lows of my life. 

It was during lockdown when I reconnected with journaling with vigour. At a time when everything felt out of control, I journaled to seek refuge and make sense of the world. 

Here I discovered wild writing, and the freedom that came with scrawling onto the page, my private thoughts and feelings. The clarity that appeared in the unravelling of my words was a gift. 


It was during this time I launched 'Journaling for well-being' - a free monthly journaling workshop to support others with their journaling practice. I wanted to break down barriers that stood in the way of anyone picking up the pen to journal. 

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You are always welcome in this space.

This is a community journaling space that welcomes you whatever stage of your journaling journey you are at.


It is a space for journaling and a space to show up as you to create space in your mind.


Suitable for experienced journalers or complete novices, we are all here to learn and share together without judgement. 

I write so I can hear myself think

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this community is for you because you want to...

Discover journaling and the benefits that go alongside it

Commit to a regular journaling practice

Invest in your self-care and well-being

Connect with gentle, like-minded souls

Have a space where you can explore without judgment

Get to know who you are

Live a more connected, empowered and authentic life

Access tools and techniques to support your personal growth and


"Journal writing is a voyage to the interior"

Christina Baldwin

the journaling space includes...

Weekly journaling prompts straight to your inbox

A monthly calendar of daily prompts

A monthly guided journaling workshop set around a personal development theme

A habit tracker to stay on track with your journaling practice

A recommended resources list to feed your curious mind

Access to TJS community to share with others in the group


Gentle group accountability in the journaling challenge and monthly group, helped me to build a routine, habit stack and form some discipline. It's not easy looking at yourself through a different lens. But Gemma helps soften the glow. Truly grateful for her free time and resources. Improving my mental health mindset started when I joined Gemma's journaling community, and I'm very grateful I started.

join the community

  • The Journaling Space (monthly)

    Every month
    A space to journal for personal growth which includes...
    • Weekly journaling prompts via email
    • Monthly 60-90 minute themed workshop
    • A recommended resources list
    • Accountability to keep showing up
    • A monthly calendar of daily prompts
    • Habit tracker checklist
  • two month's free

    The Journaling Space (annual)

    A year of journaling inspiration and community
    • Weekly journaling prompts via email
    • Monthly 60-90 minute themed workshop
    • A recommended resources list
    • Accountability to keep showing up
    • A monthly calendar of daily prompts
    • Habit tracker checklist
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Writing has become a powerful tool for me to process emotions and stress, thanks to the safe space this challenge provided. I’m grateful for Gemma’s guidance and the transformative experience of this challenge. It’s more than a writing practice, it’s a path back to oneself, beautifully facilitated by an Gemma.

what happens next?

If you want to come along on the journey, this is what to expect when you sign up. 

You will receive a welcome email confirming your membership and details of all the resources and workshops. 

Pop the dates for upcoming workshops in your diary and register for the ones you want to join. 

Grab your most loved journal or notebook and plan some time in your diary as to when you're going to create your journaling space. 

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more journaling resources

Journaling guides
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A 12-topic journaling guide with over 100 thought-provoking journaling prompts to help you cultivate your journaling practice throughout the year. 




Join me each month for a free 30 minute journaling workshop and discover two new journaling techniques to get you started on your journey.



I share my tools and resources that will equip you as your build your journaling practice - for free! 

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