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women into leadership

Elevate the women in your organisation 

This programme is for mid-level women passionate about having a greater impact with their leadership style by developing self-awareness, building confidence and leaning onto their unique strengths and capabilities.  

programme details

6 modules over 6 months

group coaching

1-2-1 coaching 

self reflection 

structured activities

peer learning

about the programme

Women have the transformational skills required to lead businesses of the future.


These are often left unnurtured and contribute to vast numbers of women leaving the workplace far too prematurely, gaping inequality and fewer women taking up senior level positions. By elevating women, enabling them to believe in themselves and their strengths, have the confidence to speak up, put themselves forward, contribute ideas and apply for roles - in a way that feels authentic to them - we all reap the benefits. In a world where women are not second-guessing, riddled with self doubt or trying to play out the traditional (and out dated) view of what constitutes a leader, there is more opportunity for creativity, problem solving, diversity of thought and leading for the future.

We rise by lifting others

This programme is for organisations who want to elevate the women within them by supporting them to understand what is unique about their leadership style. It supports participants thrive in their leadership position by developing essential skills, behaviours and strategies to confidently embrace who they are as a leader for greater transformational impact.


Over the course of six modules, participants will experience a combination of group coaching, self reflection, peer learning, 1-2-1 coaching and structured activities to develop their knowledge in preparation to step into leadership. The programme covers key pillars vital for the world of work today: self awareness as a leader, confidence and self belief, strengths and skills, taking responsibility for ones own learning, utilising your network, building resilience and developing leadership coaching skills.


For the individual 

  • Greater confidence in your skills and authentic leadership style

  • An understanding of the challenges faced by women and how to overcome those

  • Understanding strengths and how to maximise these 

  • Knowledge of how values shape you as a leader

  • Tools for quietening imposter syndrome

  • A strategy for utilising your network and raising your visibility

  • Understanding and practicing coaching skills to empower yourself and others

  • Transferable tools to use for developing your own team

  • Space and time for personal and professional development

For the organisation

  • Develop and retain top female talent

  • Establish role models for the future

  • Succession planning and increased number of women into leadership positions

  • Employees with confidence in their own abilities

  • Increased creativity and efficiency with new ideas and knowledge brought back into the business

  • Tools and techniques that can be used company-wide

  • Development of coaching skills

who is this programme for?

This programme is for early-mid level women in their career who want to feel more confident in their leadership style and have a greater impact.


That could be someone just starting out in their career, a first-time manager, or someone stepping into a more demanding leadership role.


The programme helps participants work out who they are as a leader, and provides the time, space, and guidance needed to embrace their identity, and uncover their authentic leadership style.

Participants are curious about personal development and developing a growth mindset. 

They want to better understand themselves so they can become increasingly comfortable with who they are, loosening the reliance on any ‘masks’ they wear and role-model this practice to those around them.

They want to engage with, and share experiences with other like-minded women.

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are”

Brene Brown

find out more

To find out more about supporting the women in your organisation or network via this programme, please contact me. We can set up a call to talk further about your objectives.

Gemma Brown presenting
Women at the office

“I couldn't recommend this course enough. I came into it as a new people manager, and whilst excited about this next step in my career I regularly suffer from self-doubt and imposter syndrome. The course has had an unbelievably positive impact on my confidence at work - particularly around my leadership style and coaching skills. I also really benefitted from being part of the group with other women - and Gemma creates a warm and trusting environment, in which everyone feels safe to share their thoughts. She also gently challenges you to reframe negative narratives you hold about yourself. I have no doubt that the tools and ideas I've learnt will continue to support my career and push my confidence further.”

Frankie, 2022

programme overview

module 1

Group formation, introduction to (and practice of) coaching skills, intention setting and overview of common barriers faced by women in the workplace

module 4

Building confidence through feedback, self awareness and harnessing positive self talk. Quietening imposter syndrome and reframing limiting beliefs

module 2

Understanding and embracing authenticity, leadership style models, value-driven leadership and understanding how your values shape you as a leader

module 5

Building your personal brand, practicing talking positively about yourself and utilising your network to achieve your career goals

module 3

Honing and owning strengths and skills and how to apply these more confidently in a leadership position

module 6

Well-being, building resilience as a leader and action planning for the future

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