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Imagine everyday feeling full of self-belief, and confident in who you are.

Don’t wait for confidence to come to you. Take control, find the tools that work for you and start living with confidence. 

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is this you?

At work, do you find yourself:

ruminating over decisions, overthinking or procrastinating?

wishing you only had the self belief to do the things you wanted to do?

experiencing imposter thoughts and feelings that hold you back?

Who doesn't want to be more confident? But how do you make it happen?

The word ‘Confidence’ comes from the Latin word ‘To Trust’. Confidence is about trusting yourself.

It comes from within. Even the most confident-looking person may be feeling very different under a super calm exterior.

The way we talk to ourselves affects our confidence, particularly when we say these things on repeat.

“I don’t know what I’m talking about”, “They’ll judge me - think I’m stupid - think I’m arrogant.” “I’ll go red and that will be embarrassing”, “They’ll know I’m nervous”, “What if I say the wrong thing?”.

Behind these statements is a lack of trust in (or acceptance of) yourself.

Building confidence is a process of building up trust in yourself, so that you believe in yourself no matter what. This is what enables you to speak up in meetings, make that phone call, apply for a promotion, walk into the boardroom.

There are a range of tools and practices that can help you feel more confident and present yourself in a more confident way. The first step is knowing what you need to help you feel more confident inside. Then you can demonstrate this outwards. 

meet your coach

Hello, I’m Gemma and it’s a pleasure to see you here.


Coaching makes people nervous. I know that, I felt that. It took me a long time to realise coaching was something that could help me. 

Working with a coach prompted me to get to know who I was on a deep level. What does that mean? Well, she prompted me to reflect on questions I had never asked myself, questions I didn’t know it was ok to ask - like exploring my needs, my values, and the core of what was important to me. With that new knowledge came acceptance, and with that acceptance, I discovered confidence within.

Fast forward quite a few years, to when I retrained as a coach - this is where I gained the practical tools, and techniques to support others to build their confidence.

Now I have coached hundreds of people, confidently! And time and time again, confidence is revealed with a combination of knowing and accepting yourself (awareness) and having the tools (practice) to rely on to establish lasting confidence.

I’ve done the work, now let me share it with you.

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Understand what confidence means to YOU, so you can build trust within and take the next steps towards the career that YOU want.

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this workshop is for you because you want to...

Create your own definition of confidence
Challenge any unhelpful beliefs
Understand imposter syndrome
Replace your personal triggers and negative self-talk patterns
Identify practical strategies for building confidence and self-belief
Reframe unhelpful thoughts and internal chatter
Feel equipped to face challenges and setbacks with a growth mindset

With your own confidence-building action plan
to support you in reaching your confidence goals.

this workshop will help you overcome

Negative self-talk


Constant self-doubt

Feeling inadequate

Avoidance as a tactic

Feelings of being 'found out'

Over apologising

Fear of failure

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as your coach I'm here to help you...

  • Go for the opportunities

  • Stop doubting your skills

  • Manage stress

  • Feel confident in who you are

so you can...

  • Make confident decisions

  • Talk kindly and positively to yourself

  • Push for personal growth

  • Seek out your definition of success

  • Prioritise self-care

  • Share your creative ideas

  • Learn new skills

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"I am so much more confident with the decisions I’m making and my possibilities for the future"

Danielle, 2023

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book now

Dates - 

18th July 2024, 9.30am-1pm 

This takes place virtually on Zoom. Together, we’ll explore what confidence means to you, so you build trust within and take the next steps towards the career that you want.

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