journaling for well-being

a workshop series to inspire you to put pen to paper and provide the added accountability you need to get started with your journaling journey

  • Do you often think 'I know journaling would help me but I never get round to it'?

  • Do you regularly feel overwhelmed by thoughts and do not have time to put pen to paper?

  • Have you considered writing a journal before but not sure what to write or where to start?

Journaling and writing your thoughts down on paper is widely reported to reduce stress, find clarity, be patient, respond in a considered manner and improve your general mental health and happiness.

Many of us are completely overwhelmed by our thoughts and can't find the time to reflect. A regular practice of journaling can help support our well-being, make sense of our thoughts and enable us to feel more in control.

This monthly workshop will:​

  • introduce you to the concept of journaling

  • give you the time-out to privately reflect on your life and well-being

  • offer you this protected time for self-care

  • provide prompts, techniques and exercises to get you started with journaling

  • provide a little accountability to get started with something new, which we all need sometimes

Taking place on the first Monday of every month (8.30am-9am), you can book this free workshop via Eventbrite by clicking the link below.

If you can't make the live session there are links below to past recorded sessions.
Grab a pen and paper and five minutes for yourself. You may also need a phone or watch to set a timer for your writing. Enjoy! 

Week 1 - Introduction to Wild Writing
Week 2 - Raising Awareness
Week 3 - Body scan writing
Week 4 - Mindful grounding