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Mindful reflections - journaling guide

Mindful reflections - journaling guide


Many of us are overwhelmed by our thoughts and don’t take the time to pause and reflect. Externalising your thoughts onto paper, helps you to reduce stress, find clarity, become more mindful, improve your ability to be present, and improve your general mental health and happiness.


This downloadable booklet is your perfect companion as you start your journaling journey, providing prompts to help you dive a little bit deeper, find new perspectives and understand yourself.


The journaling guide gives you 12 sets of prompts for you to work through in order, or to pick and chose as the mood  takes you. From journaling for decision making, setting intentions, and befriending your inner voice - the most popular themes are in this booklet. 


This item is a downloadable pdf booklet.

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journaling for well-being

A free monthly workshop to inspire you to put pen to paper and provide the added accountability you need to get started with your journaling journey

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