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Coaching focuses on future possibilities.”

John Whitmore

my story


I had a successful career as a General Manager in the tourism industry. I lived in a beautiful part of the world. I should have been happy. But I wasn’t. I felt stuck. I felt unmotivated. I felt numb. I kept asking myself ‘Is this it?’

After trying a lot of other self-help techniques, and them not helping, a friend suggested I meet with a coach. I had no idea what to expect but I gave it a go. My first session was full of self-doubt. ‘Am I doing this right? What should I say?’ But I eased in and together we unravelled what I was feeling. I dived into identifying my values, seeing who I was, and figuring out what I wanted.

With my coach’s support I began to change my life. I started a new career, I moved, I discovered my core values, and in doing so, became a more confident and authentic me.


My coaching experience had a profound impact on me, and I began re-training out of pure passion and curiosity. I left my previous career behind and started to consider if I could work in this field too, and help others the way my coach had helped me.

In 2019 I trained with Barefoot Coaching. I am now also a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a Mental Health First Aider.

“Coaching focuses on future possibilities.”

John Whitmore


Since my career change, I have coached hundreds of people, to become more confident, have difficult conversations, identify their values, move through imposter syndrome, find direction and purpose, and discover their authentic selves.

My years of work in business management helps me in my work alongside businesses. Prior to becoming a coach I led teams and supported individuals to see and fulfil their potential. I have an understanding of how businesses work, the language used, the challenges faced, and the dynamics of teams.

As a coach I work with organisations to facilitate team harmony, improve ways of working, improve performance, build confidence and increase employee engagement; through 1-2-1 and team coaching and group workshops.


I love what I do. My work is aligned with my personal values. I understand who I am and give myself time to do the things that fill me up – such as walking my dog, running and nourishing my body and mind.


I understand the power that coaching can have on someone’s life. Seeing my clients have their own lightbulb moments is such a gift to witness.

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“Gemma is authentic and shows up in her work. She’s also very open and warm as a person - she cares. Gemma is committed to helping people through their coaching journey and that gives you the confidence to trust and go with it.”

my approach to coaching

I take the time to listen and understand the individual, or group, I am working with - tailoring my approach to their needs. I always meet my clients where they’re at. Some people like to move fast, some slow, some need the freedom to explore, some require more structure. My priority is to create a gentle, safe and calm environment for clients, where we can develop our relationship and they can do their best thinking. This enables client’s to feel they can fully use this time and space to explore whatever they are bringing to the sessions.

the impact of coaching

People reach out to me for many different reasons and I firmly believe that anyone who is ready to make a change in their life, or career, can benefit from coaching. Following our sessions, clients have told me that they feel more confident, have trust and faith in themselves, improved self-awareness, and feel empowered to take that next step - whatever that may look like for them. Coaching helps people to be their whole self, to live and work authentically, and to take control of their life. I provide a listening ear, a safe space free from judgement, helpful resources along the way, and accountability.

“Gemma is such a gentle, caring person who really invests herself into helping you and making
positive changes to meet your goal.”


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