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“It is my mission to empower people to show up to life as their true selves – personally and in the workplace.

Why? Because we would all thrive if we had the confidence to be our authentic selves."

Hi, I'm Gemma

My own coaching journey changed my life. I was feeling so stuck, even though on paper my life was great. Through being coached, I found the confidence and self-belief to start a new career, relocate, identify my values and evolve my life to align with them. I have felt the power of coaching and I want you to have that experience too.

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be your true self

There are many reasons someone could benefit from coaching – feeling stuck, low confidence, career frustration, experiencing imposter syndrome, to improve well-being, and/or to examine who they are and what they want from life.


Or they may not know why. That is ok too. In 1-2-1 coaching, we will work it out.

Packages for business coaching are completely bespoke, based on the needs of the organisation. They can include 1-2-1 coaching with employees, team coaching, and / or group workshops.

Introducing a coaching environment into a business can help employees feel valued, listened to, invested in and engaged.

Workshops are a powerful way of accessing coaching. My workshops include journaling for well-being, building confidence, imposter syndrome, leadership development, values, well-being and authenticity. 

Working through these themes in a group enables attendees to take a deep inward look in a supportive environment. Doing so allows connection with others, and helps you know you’re not alone.

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journaling for well-being

A free monthly workshop to inspire you to put pen to paper and provide the added accountability you need to get started with your journaling journey

“Gemma is such a gentle, caring person who really invests herself into helping you and making
positive changes to meet your goal.”


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