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...has the power to turn things around, to stimulate change and get results.

Perhaps you are an individual seeking clarity, career progression, confidence or direction. Or perhaps you are an employer developing leaders of the future, supporting teams through challenging times or simply believe in embedding a coaching culture throughout your organisation. 



"We could all thrive if we had the confidence to be our true authentic selves." 

Coaching enabled me to uncover who I was, to understand what motivated me, what gave me confidence and to know the environments that helped me thrive. Before this, I was tied up in knots trying to be every other version of myself for other people.

Coaching helped me know myself and accept myself. 

My mission is to help you see yourself so you can stop tying yourself in knots.



Empower your employees to take responsibility (and importantly, action) to look after themselves - in and out of work.

We don't always know how to look after ourselves.  Well-being is unique to for everyone. What works for me, may not work for you. Well@Work gives your employees the opportunity to explore their relationship to well-being through a series of practical and self-reflective workshops which focus on different themes throughout the year.

Themes include: Auditing your well-being, Building resilience, Time to reflect, Overcoming obstacles to well-being, Creative a positive mindset, Developing a work life balance and Setting boundaries. 


challenge the imposter within

Many of us experience imposter-like thoughts and feelings, in both our personal and professional lives.

If you, or someone in your team, feels held back by the voice that says 'you are a fraud', learn about imposter syndrome and develop ways to challenge the internal narrative to move forward with confidence.

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