challenge the imposter within

Imposter Syndrome affects many of us. 

If you feel held back by the voice that tells you 'you are a fraud', learn about your own imposter and find ways to challenge your internal narrative to move forward with confidence. 



...has the power to turn things around, to stimulate change and get results.

Whether you are an individual seeking clarity or an organisation developing leaders of the future, coaching with me offers a supportive environment which enables you to unlock the answers to your own questions and move forward with conviction. 

Coaching together, we focus on the ‘whole-self’ - your values, your personal needs, your motivations and drivers - enabling you to embrace all that you are, and maximise the potential you didn't know you had.


reconnect to well-being

​In this ever-changing, fast-paced, environment, we fall down in looking after ourselves, our minds and our bodies. Particularly recently, when the world has changed dramatically and we try desperately to establish some normality. All too often we give and give and run ourselves down - leading to bouts of anxiety, stress, burnout and illness, until we lose connection with ourselves and what is truly important to us.

This six week programme will reconnect you with your personal well-being goals and enable you to build a sustainable and rewarding routine for yourself.



Cambridge, England

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