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Journaling for well-being (monthly)

Transform your mindset by building a regular journaling practice

  • on Zoom

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Journaling and capturing your thoughts (either in structured or free form) on paper is scientifically proven to reduce stress, find clarity, increase patience, enable greater creativity and improve your general mental health and happiness. Many of us are overwhelmed by our thoughts and don't take the time to reflect. A regular practice of journaling can help support your well-being, make sense of your thoughts and enable you to feel more in control. This monthly workshop will help you develop a regular journaling habit and will: > give you the time-out to privately reflect on your life and well-being offer you this protected time for self-care > provide different themed prompts, techniques and exercises each month to get you started, or continue, with journaling > provide accountability which we all need sometimes You can show up as you - with camera or without. All you need is a pen and an open mind. You will be guided through each session and can attend one, or all of the sessions as each is stand-alone. Starting 15th January 2024, and monthly thereafter. All sessions will take place via a private invitation on Zoom. What participants have said… “[These sessions have] Helped me process my thoughts and given me huge insights” “I feel like it's a timed permission to journal in the morning. It’s made me reflect on different things and opened up discussions between me and my husband on the topics.” “[They have helped me] be more focussed on journaling and maintaining the practice more frequently to unpick what I am really thinking and feeling with more understanding of how it impacts on day to day life.” The themes for the months ahead are: 15 January - Connecting to self 05 February - Embracing your quietness 04 March - Unlocking the barriers of the mind 01 April - Finding clarity 06 May - Seeking your confident self 03 June - Getting comfortable with discomfort 01 July - Living in alignment 05 August - Improving self-worth 02 September - Befriending the inner critic 07 October - Settling into self-care 04 November - Removing the responsibility of people pleasing 02 December - Confident decision making The sessions are free to attend but if you would like to make an optional contribution to Mind, the mental health charity, you can do so via my JustGiving page, which you'll receive the link to in your confirmation email.

For online workshops, a minimum of 5 participants per session is required for the workshop to go ahead. 

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