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Journaling for well-being: Harness your inner voice

Each month I host a free 'Journaling for well-being' workshop. It's 30 minutes of support and inspiration for your journaling practice. We focus on two techniques:

1 - Wild writing, a free-style journaling method.

2 - Utilising guided prompts around a particular theme.

The theme for the session was harnessing your inner voice.

Best friend or worst enemy?

You may or may not be aware that you narrate everything you do, every minute of every day.

Is that your inner voice? It could be.

Or you may notice at certain times you have an inner voice that pops up with a familiar message or theme. This voice may have a certain tone to it. How often is it empowering and positive, versus berating and harsh?

You may have multiple voices that present themselves at different times and in different situations.

Most of the time, this voice is our own worst enemy. Picking on us, telling us we're not good enough or that we could have done better.

That repetitive narrative playing over and over, has an impact on you, your actions and behaviours. Most importantly, it will be affecting your well-being and how you feel about yourself.

It doesn't have to be that way.

I am an advocate of getting intimate with these voices or these parts of you. Understanding and knowing these voices builds awareness of their fears, their worries but also their strengths and positive intent for you (there will be one).

Awareness the first step to developing a better relationship with the inner voice and reducing the way it negatively impacts you and your life.

This month's journaling workshop focused on harnessing that inner voice and bringing awareness to what it says and how it effects us.

If you were your own biggest cheerleader, what would be possible?

The prompts below offer the chance to delve a bit deeper into yours and to get some space to see and think more objectively. Try them for yourself, or take one to spend a little longer on.

  • What is your inner voice saying right now at this very moment?

  • What kinds of messages from your inner voice drain your energy?

  • What kinds of messages from your inner voice leave you feeling fulfilled?

  • What internal narrative patterns do you have and how do they impact your life?

  • What makes your inner voice unique?

  • What is its positive intent for you?

  • What are you feeling today? What messages from your inner voice are creating that feeling?

  • How will you develop a more compassionate voice for today

"If your inner world is a garden, speaking affirmations is a way of tending to the weeds, planting new seeds and nurturing the existing blooms." Nikki Banas

I hope to see you next time for my free journaling workshop. Find out more, here.

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