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Journaling for well-being: Your authentic self

Each month I host a free 'Journaling for well-being' workshop. It's 30 minutes of support and inspiration for your journaling practice. We focus on two techniques:

1 - Wild writing, a free-style journaling method.

2 - Utilising guided prompts around a particular theme.

The theme for the session was understanding your authentic self.

Who am I....really?

Many of us spend a lot of time trying to answer this question - Who am I...really? At different phases of life, key milestones or events we question our identity. Sometimes this is at a certain age or perhaps when starting a new job, having a family or ending a relationship.

Taking time to look inwards and reflect on the times when you feel like your true self, can help seek more of those moments and in turn set boundaries in place during the times you feel less authentic.

Authenticity is when your words and actions align to your beliefs and values. When these exist in harmony you feel at peace, life is calmer, you're more at ease. When you don't feel authentic, you can often feel conflicted, become frustrated or withdraw from situations.

Who would you be if you knew you were enough?

The prompts below offered a chance to raise awareness around what's authentic to you, or identify some boundaries to maintain to protect your true self. Try them for yourself, or take one to spend a little longer on.

  • Describe a time when you felt in complete alignment (authentic / true). What was happening at that time? Who were you with? What enabled it to feel authentic?

  • What are the activities that bring you the most joy? When did you last do these?

  • Recall and describe a time when you were wearing a 'mask' for someone else's benefit. With hindsight, what would you do differently?

  • How does the wearing of a mask impact you and your well-being?

  • Who would you be if you knew that you are enough, simply as you are?

  • If you were no longer concerned with what others thought of you, what would you do differently today?

  • What small thing can you do this week to act more in alignment with your true self?

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