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Journaling for well-being: Making confident decisions

Each month I host a free 'Journaling for well-being' workshop. It's 30 minutes of support and inspiration for your journaling practice. We focus on two techniques:

1 - Wild writing, a free-style journaling method.

2 - Utilising guided prompts around a particular theme.

The theme for the session was to aid making confident decisions.

We all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us.

You make hundreds of decisions every day. Many of these happen sub-consciously as you navigate the day in line with your routine, your wants and needs.

But there can be some decisions that linger over you. That float around you with multiple options and possibilities that keep you suspended in no man's land.

Lots of people say 'I'm bad at making decisions', but what keeps them from committing to a decision could be many factors - the lack of information, the wrong timing, conflict over their own and others' needs, the lack of intrinsic motivation or choices that do not align with their values.

Thinking about your own approach to decision making....

What determines a good decision or a bad decision? What decisions come easily, and which feel impossible to conclude? Is it the small day to day decisions that keep you in limbo or is it the larger, life changing decisions that make you hold your breath.

Decisions come more naturally when they feel 'right', when they align with your values and when you've gone inward to explore your own relationship to the choices you face. When it comes to making decisions that are right for you, trust yourself. That inner trust will guide you forth to the best decisions for you.

This month's journaling workshop focused on making confident decisions. Try these journaling prompts to help you navigate through a current decision you're making or a cross roads that you find yourself at.

  • Think of a decision you want to make, or a cross roads you face.

  • What is the most important thing for you when making this decision?

  • What would success look and feel like?

  • What is preventing you making a decision?

  • What would help you move forward?

  • What can you do to reduce or remove those obstacles?

  • Write down three options for this decision.

  • What is your emotional reaction to each option?

  • Score each option 1-10 as to how far that meets your idea of success.

  • Imagine you've fully committed to the highest scoring option, what would be the first step?

  • What surprises you from the notes you've made?

  • What new perspectives or reassurances do you have in relation to this decision?

I hope to see you next time for my free journaling monthly workshop. Find out more, here.

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