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Take a snapshot of life satisfaction with the Wheel of Anything

The Wheel of Anything is a powerful and simple tool that serves as a holistic self-assessment and goal-setting framework. This tool gives you a comprehensive overview of various facets of your life. By breaking down life into distinct areas, the Wheel of Anything enables you to assess your current satisfaction or fulfilment levels in each category.

This gives you a snap shot in time, so is great for repeating periodically throughout the year.

The Wheel typically consists of several pie slices, each representing a specific aspect of life such as career, health, relationships, personal development, etc.

It really is up to you to define the pie segments as these will be unique for everyone, depending on what they deem as important to them. You can then evaluate and rate your levels of satisfaction in each area by scoring 0-10. When scoring 0, for example, you would add a point on the wheel which is in the centre. If you score 10, you would add a point which in on the circumference of the wheel.

Once completed, connect the points to create a visual representation of your life balance.

This visual snapshot allows you to see any areas that are thriving and those that may need more attention. What are you neglecting that could do with nurturing? How do the segments link together?

This tools prompts you into taking deliberate actions to enhance your overall well-being and life satisfaction. If something scores low, what small steps could you take to increase the score?

It is important to remember that you're not necessarily trying to get all areas of life to score a 10. Instead, how can you make the scores balance so that the wheel / life could turn seamlessly?

I use this tool a lot in coaching sessions with clients, often when they are starting out on their coaching journey as it builds a great visual representation of their life at that point and brings awareness to many factors that could be contributing to happiness or dis-contentment.

Have a go, and see what you discover.

Steps for completing the wheel of anything:

  • Start by drawing your own wheel, with as many segments as you wish.

  • Label each segment with an important area you of your life (important for you).

  • Write all of the thoughts and feelings you have for each area at this point in time (or words you associate with that area)

  • Give each a score 0-10 as to how satisfied you are with that area right now and add that point onto the wheel (0 at the centre, 10 on the outer edge)

  • Connect up the points and reflect on your wheel as a whole.

  • Reflect or journal - What do you notice? What stands out? What are the areas that need attention? What small actions would you like to take?

If you'd like to know more about coaching together, get in touch. or arrange a chemistry call here at a time that works for you.


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