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Journaling prompts for developing a positive mindset

Each month I host a free 'Journaling for well-being' workshop. It's 30 minutes of support and inspiration for your journaling practice. We focus on two techniques:

1 - Wild writing, a free-style journaling method.

2 - Utilising guided prompts around a particular theme.

The theme for the session was 'developing a positive mindset'.

It is said that for us to flourish, we need to think and feel positive at least three times as much as we feel negatively, on a regular basis.

Our survival instincts means our brains are constantly scanning for risk, and therefore errs on the side of the negative. Looking for dangers, pre-empting the worst case scenario or worrying about what might happen.

A great greatest benefit of focusing on the positive is that it teaches us the power of shifting perspective.

Small changes in your perspective can lead to astounding shifts in wellbeing and quality of life. Injecting a bit more optimism and gratitude into your life is a simple action that can give you a radically more positive outlook on life.

Of course, no respected positive psychologist would tell you to think about, act out, and focus on ONLY the positive in life—balance is important - so it’s key to build awareness around where your mindset is at. Is it providing a balanced view?

So let’s ramp up the positive, and reflect on these journaling prompts below to discover the light in the dark - because there always is some.

  • What three things are you grateful for today?

  • What kind act has someone done for you recently?

  • What kind act have you done for someone else recently?

  • Describe a current worry you have. What three actions could you take to resolve it?

  • Describe a day recently when you were happy, energised or fulfilled. Why did you love it so much?

  • If you could design your ideal Monday, what would that look like?

  • Name something you’re looking forward to in the coming months.

  • What do you recognise yourself for being good at?

  • Complete this self-care statement: Today I give myself permission to…

If you find these prompts useful, why not come along to one of my free journaling workshops which take place monthly throughout the year - the details can be found here.

Alternatively, you can download my free journaling toolkit to get your started.

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