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Have you ever considered working with a coach?

Have you ever thought about working with a coach? 2024 is the year to prioritise your investment in yourself. Whether you're aiming to enhance your career, improve your relationships, or unlock hidden talents, working with a coach can help you gain significant traction.

Here's what I gained from working with a coach.

10 years ago, I hadn’t ever heard of coaching. Other than the sporting kind. It hadn't crossed my mind that working with someone else, proactively, could help me get from a place of 'stuck-ness' to that of thriving and fulfilment.

When I first came across coaching, I was feeling a quite lost. Rudderless you might say.

At the time, I had a successful career as a General Manager in the tourism industry. I was living in beautiful Cornwall, and everything told me I should have been happy.

But I wasn’t. I felt stuck.

After trying lots of other techniques to help me work out what was ‘wrong’, a friend suggested I meet with a coach. I had no idea what to expect but I gave it a go.


My first session was full of self-doubt. ‘Am I doing this right? What should I say?’.  But I eased in and together we unravelled what I was feeling. I dived into identifying my values, seeing who I was, and figuring out what I wanted.

With my coach’s support I began to change my life. I started a new career, I moved, I re-evaluated my relationship with myself. By expressing my thoughts and feelings externally to someone completely impartial, I discovered my core values, and in doing so, became a more confident and authentic me.

My coaching experience had a profound impact on me. It gave me the confidence to leave my previous career behind and re-train to help others to discover themselves the way my coach had helped me.

“Coaching focuses on future possibilities.”

I have now coached hundreds of people to become more confident, have difficult conversations, change their careers, identify their values, move through imposter syndrome, find direction and purpose, and discover their authentic selves.

There isn’t one reason people work with a coach. People turn to coaching for many reasons. Some include:

·       Feeling ‘stuck’ (as I was)

·       Experiencing low confidence

·       Feeling like an imposter

·       Unsure of where life is heading

·       Struggling to look after themselves

·       Not sure who they are or what they value

·       To work with purpose and not sure where to start

·       For accountability to work towards their goals


Like me, you may find you go to coaching for one reason, and end up getting a lot more than you realise. I discovered so much about myself through the process. Why I was like I was, why somethings motivated me and others bored me, why I reacted in certain ways, what my passions were.

But the main thing I gained (and what I continue to gain) is self-awareness and, importantly, self- acceptance to be me - wholeheartedly.

In the coaching space, you get to know yourself. And when you know yourself intimately, you can design a life you feel aligned to and motivated by.

Come with me on a journey of self-discovery.

If uncovering who you are, gaining awareness, self-acceptance and feeling confident while you do so is something you’d like to work on, contact me to arrange a chat. This is simply an opportunity to find out more about each other and about the potential for coaching to help you.

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