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Nature invites me to stay present

The art of being mindful and staying present is an important practice which helps with overwhelm, feelings of anxiety and stress. It is a practice that needs nurturing and developing over time. What works for you will not necessarily work for someone else so do take the time to understand what mindfulness practices will be best suited for you, and your way of life. This could be stillness in meditation, being creative, doing something manual with your hands, exercising, or taking a bath. There is no right or wrong way.

In those mindful moments, I see the light.

For me, autumn days act as a reminder to get out in nature and take in the beauty all around me. In these moments I find I can really focus on the now, drop into the present and be grateful for all that I am and all that I have.

The blue skies, the crisp mornings, the vibrant colours of autumn...these grab my attention and invite me outside; reminding me to walk (pacing helps soothe me), take deep breaths and slow my breathing, to listen to the sounds around me, to notice the beauty all around.

Nature reminds me to be present. What works for you?

Gemma Brown Coaching, Cambridge
Gemma Brown Coaching

Gemma Brown is an associate certified coach with the International Coach Federation, working with people to navigate successfully through transitions - be it career, relationships or life in general. Her belief is that when we confidently bring our whole selves to all areas of life, anything is possible. Transitions exist in both our personal and business life, and so often, the two fiercely overlap. Coaching with Gemma focuses on you as a whole, enabling you to identify your strengths, build confidence and to live a life with increased purpose and direction. Gemma is based in Cambridgeshire and carries out face to face coaching in the area as well as 1-2-1 coaching via Skype and Zoom. For more about Gemma, visit her 'About' page or contact her directly.

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