4 questions to be more authentic

I believe ‘We would all thrive if we had the confidence to be our true, authentic selves’.

But what does it mean to be authentic? We hear that acting from a place of authenticity means more balance, better decisions, confidence and contentment. It ultimately creates freedom. Free from second guessing and mind games, free from shoulds and doubt. Free from the boxes we put ourselves in.

And who doesn’t want to be free?

With the confidence to be authentic in all areas of life, anything is possible. But what does it mean and how do we get to be in a place of true authenticity?

I’m often asked about authenticity and how to go about getting it. It is not something you see or touch. It is a feeling of being and acting in line with your own truth.

It is a real practice. A practice of knowing, reviewing, reflecting, realigning. I’m constantly tuning and re-tuning into myself, sensing and checking.

In those moments I feel conflicted between my authentic self and the outside world, I turn to these questions:

> What do I really want to say or do here?

> What am I holding back? What am I not saying or doing?

> What am I afraid will happen if I act from my true self?

> What is the impact on me if I do or say nothing?

If you’re wondering about being more authentic, next time you feel conflicted, notice you’re saying (or have said) something to keep the peace or feel it’s easier to simply agree, reflect on these questions. What do you notice?

Gemma Brown Coaching, Cambridge