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5 ways to step into your positive power

Did you know we have between 12,000-60,000 thoughts, every single day? The vast majority of these are negative, and play on repeat. Help yourself out of that downward spiral by trying these 5 positive power practices:

  1. Gratitude attitude - Each night (or morning) recall 5 things that you are grateful for in that moment. They can be small or big, or new ones or the same as yesterday. Practising gratitude in this way helps us see the good, even on an off day.

  2. Share the love - Doing an act of kindness will feel good in more ways than one. Firstly, it is always nice to help others and see how they appreciate the gesture. But we also get a kick ourselves by doing so. Give a genuine compliment, tell someone how they make you feel or reach out unexpectedly to support someone in need. Doing good feels good.

  3. Remind yourself - Make visual reminders of feel-good memories. During a difficult time it can be difficult to feel good. Remind yourself! Look at photos of friends and family, of holidays, concerts, pictures of places you’ve been and thrived, quotes that conjure certain feelings. Whatever it is, have a visual reminder somewhere you can easily see it and create a regular reminder which bring your positive feelings to the surface.

  4. Take a break from the news - The news and our social media feeds are full of everything that is going on in the world and it's a constant wave of negativity. Take a break or avoid watching so much to help get you into a more positive mindset.

  5. Smile - Smiling instantly makes you feel better. It actually relaxes your facial muscles and is a physical reminder to the brain that all is well. Try it now and I challenge you not to laugh :)

As Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Which will you choose?

We don't always feel positive every minute of every day, but these simple practices will help you see the good, feel positive and appreciate all that you have. Step into your positive power today.

Gemma Brown Coaching, Cambridge
Gemma Brown Coaching

Gemma Brown is an associate certified coach with the International Coach Federation, working with people to navigate successfully through transitions - be it career, relationships or life in general. Her belief is that when we confidently bring our whole selves to all areas of life, anything is possible. Transitions exist in both our personal and business life, and so often, the two fiercely overlap. Coaching with Gemma focuses on you as a whole, enabling you to identify your strengths, build confidence and to live a life with increased purpose and direction. Gemma is based in Cambridgeshire and carries out face to face coaching in the area as well as 1-2-1 coaching via Skype and Zoom. For more about Gemma, visit her 'About' page or contact her directly.

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