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Do you struggle to know what you want in life? Do you struggle to find the time to think about it or simply don't know where to start? Do you feel like everyone around you has a plan and you're being left behind?

This programme is for anyone who is feeling a overwhelmed by life. If you don't get time to take a step back from the daily routine to re-assess what you want and where you're going, this programme will enable you to do just that. 

This programme includes 2 x 2 hour online workshops and an hour 1-2-1 coaching call.

take time to reflect

This two-hour online workshop will give you the time to reflect on what this recent time has meant for you. Together we will explore questions, such as: 'What has changed for me?', 'What have I noticed?', 'How do I want to move forward?'.  

​Finish the session with an understanding of what you have learnt from this COVID-19/lock-down situation, what you want to take forward, what you want to leave behind and some accountability to help you put plans in place.  

If you're interested in these events or similar to host in your organisation, do get in touch


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