re-connect to well-being

a well-being programme designed to help you reconnect with what well-being means to you, identify your personal well-being goals, and create an action plan for how to get there.


Self-led learning programme - starts anytime you like | £55

Full programme (with group coaching) - starts again in January 2023 | £145

Your well-being is unique to you! Your wants and needs are as individual as you are but how often do you take the time to ask​:'

What does well-being mean to me?'.


This programme will help you unlock your relationship with your own well-being, identify the things that bring you joy, how to integrate them into your life, remove the obstacles that have stood in your way and feel connected with your own well-being plan.

This programme is for you if you:

  • feel disconnected from yourself and your own self-care

  • lack motivation and inspiration (or are bored) with current well-being practices

  • struggle with implementing (or sticking to) the things that used to make you feel good

  • are confused by what well-being means to you or where to even start with self-care

  • are ready to leave behind old ‘quick fixes’ that no longer serve and find something truly bespoke for you.

​In this ever-changing, fast-paced, environment, we fall down in looking after ourselves, our minds and our bodies. All too often we give and give and run ourselves down - leading to bouts of anxiety, stress, burnout and illness, until we lose connection with ourselves and what is truly important to us. 


The last couple of years has left many of us feeling drained and questioning that which is important.  For the first time, many re-evaluated relationships, routines, work and wellness. With this new perspective, this programme will help you define how you want your self-care to look. Our well-being, mental health and how we look after ourselves has never been more crucial in order to sustain our strength, our care for others and our joy in each day.


Step into 2022 with a fresh look and a curiosity which will enable you to build connection back to yourself and your well-being.  


During this programme, you will:

  • identify what well-being means to you and reconnect with yourself in a supportive community

  • reflect on your well-being routine - what’s working and what isn’t

  • understand what is standing in the way of you prioritising your self-care 

  • identify steps you can make to take back control of your well-being​

  • notice your triggers that could lead to burn out

  • learn to value rest the same way you value 'productivity'

  • meet like-minded people experiencing similar challenges

Over the course of six weeks (detailed below), you will:

  • receive a weekly workbook with activities to complete in your own time which will prompt your thinking about your well-being, 

  • take part in a weekly practical workshop to reflect on the current activity, deepen your understanding, gain inspiration

  • receive prompts and motivational emails to help you maintain momentum over the six weeks

  • receive support, motivation and a range of resources from my own experience

  • set yourself a personal plan to take forward​

  • be part of a supportive community who will inspire and share ideas and experiences. 


The workshops are supportive and nurturing and provide real value to this programme. The community is always understanding and appreciative of others’ individual journey.

Course options

There are two options to follow this programme, depending on your time available and how you like to learn.

The online content for both options is the same. The second full programme option offers the addition of weekly workshops to support your journey. 

Option 1: Self-led learning (start now)

With this self-study option, you can book today and start tomorrow. Back to Well-being is six weeks in length and the content is delivered to you via email. You will receive two weekly emails from me - one with an activity to inspire thoughts and a second to prompt reflection. You’ll also receive a workbook at the beginning of your journey to accompany the theme of each week as you work through the course.

You can begin the course anytime you like. When you enrol, you'll receive an email with pre-course information, and the first week of lessons will begin the following day. 


Course duration: Six weeks

Course start date: anytime you like, you can complete all the learning in your own time. 

Course investment: £55

Option 2: Full programme with group coaching (starts January 2023)

The second option is supportive and interactive. This option brings together a small community with similar challenges to your own.

You will receive all of the activities as in the self-guided option, but will have the additional benefit of a weekly workshop to support your learning and journey.

Workshops are hugely beneficial as they provide a safe way to share your experiences and reflections, gain inspiration and ideas from the group and give an extra level of accountability.   

Course duration: Six weeks

Course start date: TBC January 2023

Course investment: £145

Here's a breakdown of each week

Week 1: Well-being check-in

To start, you will look at the specifics of where you are now, taking a snap shot of your well-being currently. At any one time, some of your wellness elements will feel nourished, whilst some may be drained. You’ll have a check-in on those areas and notice where you may need to focus attention to which bring you back to balance.

Week 2: Self-care MOT

This week we go right back to basics, really focusing on what well-being means to YOU! Stripping back all of the shoulds and coulds and wish tos. I will prompt you with questions to go deep and consider what’s brought you to this place.

Week 3: Bringing the blockers to the forefront

In week 3, you will be encouraged to look at the things that stand in the way of you prioritising your well-being. Often a more challenging week, as this invites you to embrace your vulnerability and be truthful with yourself about what’s holding you back in order to move them to one side. We will bring compassion and understand and look at those areas that often pop up as excuses. Together we will overcome them and move forward.

Week 4: Understanding your needs to create boundaries

Here you will look at your own personal needs and how these impact your relationship to your well-being. When I talk about personal needs, I mean psychological needs, that when met - you will perform better, feel freer, and experience contentment.

Week 5: Everything starts with a plan

You’ve covered immense ground by this point and so in this 5th week, you will bring together all of your learnings and reflections to build a plan that is bespoke for you. I will offer some examples and share my own journey for inspiration. You’ll identify those aspects you want to keep hold of, the things you want to say goodbye to, where you want to focus more and what you want to do less of. Sometimes coming with discomfort, you’ll also think about where you may need help; from yourself and from others.

All the while practicing kindness and forgiveness.

Week 6: Reflect the joy

In the final week, you will reflect on your journey to this point and go deep to ensure you have all you need to maintain momentum. You have the tools, you have the resources to embrace the superpower that is you. By the end you will understand what well-being truly means to you, and connected to it in a way you have not felt before. You will have a deeper understanding of who you are and how that impacts your well-being journey.


Through this journey, I will share parts of my own experience, tools, inspiration and other materials that you may find supportive as you continue forward. 


One last thing...we will have a final talk to ensure you are confident to move forward and have got what you came for. 

client feedback

"This programme has been life changing! I have made so much progress since starting this journey and I am so thankful to Gemma for guiding me every step of the way. The activities included help to really dig deep into where things may be unbalanced and guide me to discovering where change is required. Gemma is such a gentle, caring person who really invests herself into helping you and making positive changes to meet your goal. From day 1 I felt so comfortable talking to Gemma."