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workshops and programmes

Here are the planned workshops and programmes currently available.

A six-week programme designed to help you reconnect with what well-being truly means to you. During the programme you will reflect on your own well-being, overcome obstacles that have stood in your way and create an individual action plan to take forward. The programme includes a range of activities to complete in your own time, coaching calls and online support.

There are two options for this programme:

Self-led which you can start anytime. Today if you wish! | £55

Full group coaching programme | dates TBC | £145

Do you feel stuck, lost or unsure about what you want? Do you struggle to find the time to think about it or simply don't know where to start? Do you feel like everyone around you has a plan and you're being left behind? Do you want to change careers but have no idea what you’d do instead?

This programme will enable you to get 'unstuck' and really get to know who you are so you can make confident decisions about what you want next.

Join for this 3 x 2 hour online workshop.

Dates available starting 9th March, 5th May, 7th July or 8th September | £99

A programme for first time managers - this programme enables new managers to work out who they are and how to conduct themselves confidently and authentically in order to create a positive team culture and effective leadership style.

It allows those new to managing set intentions around their style, consider how to get the best out of themselves and their team, and avoid the common traps new managers so often fall into.

This programme consists of 6 x 2 hour workshops over a 3 month period

journaling for well-being

Many of us are completely overwhelmed by our thoughts and can't make the time to reflect. A regular practice of journaling can help support your well-being, find clarity of thought and enable you to feel more in control. This free weekly workshop will help you get started with journaling, providing prompts, techniques and exercises to help you reflect.

If you can't make these, I share a monthly update of resources and new dates for workshops. Subscribe here to be kept informed. 

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