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confidently lead

a programme for those transitioning into a management position

It is widely reported that 60% of first time managers fail in their first year. Skilled professionals are often promoted to manage others as a result of the individual success they have demonstrated. Support during this important transition regularly falls through the gaps, in place of technical and practical training.


The lack of support during this crucial transition results in the inability to manage others effectively, poor individual and team performance, doubts in confidence, poor decision making, the inability to delegate and increased stress levels along with the possibility of burnout - subsequently having a human and financial cost to the business.

The mistakes made during this time often stay imprinted on managers for the remainder of their careers. 

Stepping into a new management position provides the opportunity to reflect on who you are as a manager. Developing this intentional self-awareness practice can be the difference between becoming a successful manager, who inspires and motivates, versus one who is disconnected from their team and fails to get the best out of their people.

Designing the right climate in your organisation or team greatly impacts the experience of those in close proximity and, in particular, within the immediate team. A positive culture can increase the performance of your team by 30% which is why it is vital to consider the style of leader you want to be from an early stage in your management journey. 

This programme enables new managers to work out who they are and how to conduct themselves confidently and authentically in order to create a positive team culture and effective leadership style. It allows those new to managing set intentions around their style, consider how to get the best out of themselves and their team, and avoid the common traps new managers so often fall into.

Who is this for?

  • Those new to (in the first year) managing others 

  • Those stepping into a management position for the first time

  • Those planning to take on a management position in the next few months 

  • Those in supervisory positions taking an active role in leading and motivating others that they may not be directly line managing 

This programme is ideally suited for companies developing strong managers for the future, those with people-centric values, a focus on authentic leadership and those wanting to harness the unique skills and abilities of individuals. 

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What will participants take away?

New managers will:

  • Gain essential coaching skills to introduce into management style 

  • Gain an awareness into who they are

  • Develop an understanding of the various styles available and confirmation of their own dominant style

  • Understand core values and see how these influence (and impact) who they are as a manager

  • Utilise tools to help maintain and build confidence 

  • Develop tools to challenge limiting beliefs and learn ways to overcome them

  • Produce a personal plan on how to overcome specific challenges (could be delegation, dealing with conflict, having difficult conversations, interacting with peers)

  • Crucially, create time and space to reflect on who they are now as a manager and where they want to get to to support business objectives

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Programme details

The programme consists of six 2 x hour group coaching sessions, over a three month period (can be adapted to meet the needs of your business).


As well as covering practical topics within the sessions, adequate time is reserved for self-reflection, shared learning and activities between sessions to maintain momentum.  

New managers will learn and experience tools and techniques within the programme to use back in their own environment - active listening skills, questioning, confidence building, supportive learning and how understanding themselves better can enable the understanding of others.


Participants will receive a workbook in advance which includes methodologies, activities, tools and techniques to work on back in their place of work. 

Group coaching in this way has multiple benefits. Participants will learn as a group, and hear of others in similar positions, learning from each other, building bonds and creating a supportive community and common language. 

Please get in touch if you are interested in running this group coaching programme within your organisation. 

confidently lead - a programme for first time managers: Text
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