challenge yourself to be the best version of you


individual coaching

Coaching is an iterative process, shaped to support your individual needs. Working with a coach ensures you have dedicated time to focus on you, your personal and professional development and career aspirations.

A deeper awareness of yourself, your values, beliefs and motivations leads to a greater acceptance of who you are. Achieving this brings with it the chance of a happier, more fulfilled life. 

​1-2-1 coaching helps people who:

  • want to build confidence and self-belief to progress further in life or career

  • want to find direction or seek clarity

  • feel 'stuck', lost or out of control

  • often hide parts of themselves in certain situations

  • have lost sight of who they are

  • want to gain a deeper understanding of themselves

  • want to understand their purpose in life

  • want to have a career that is in alignment with their values

  • need motivation and drive to achieve a goal

  • aren't happy but they can't identify why

  • can not see the woods for the trees

  • want to feel less overwhelmed and more in control

  • want to reset the balance in their life

1-2-1 coaching gives you the safety, time and space to progress towards your goal. With any aspect of my coaching, I am committed to you and your journey. You will receive support from me between our sessions, via email or text, suggested resources as well as tools and techniques to help with your continued personal and professional development. ​

I also offer a six week well-being programme as well as group coaching workshops.