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hear what my lovely clients have to say...

"As with many business owners I found the lockdown very challenging mentally. Gemma helped me make a little more sense of how I felt and how to navigate out of the challenging times. It was the time I spent talking with Gemma about my journey that gave me the focus to make some fundamental changes, these have been immensely positive and taken us to a higher level of performance. I can’t thank her enough and I’m very proud to say she is now supporting all our managers on their leadership journey."

Jim, Managing Director, Tourism

"Being very sceptical and reserved towards the idea of coaching, but needing to rediscover my drive,  motivation and purpose I gave it a shot. Gemma works with you to better understand and develop yourself. I have a very comfortable and trusting connection with Gemma which allows me to fully involve myself in coaching. It's amazing how much progress I feel I have gained. I really can't recommend Gemma and the coaching process highly enough. Gemma has a beautiful spirit which really shows in her work and results you see each time you meet!"

Mark, Cambridge

"I don't mind admitting that I had no idea what to expect from the experience of coaching. All I knew was that I was resonating with a lot of the content that Gemma was sharing and consequently, I thought I would give it a go to explore it all further with a broader consideration to several aspects of my life. It took me very little time to realise that coaching in itself is a brilliant tool and platform for a number of reasons - but even less time to realise that it is Gemma that makes it so for me. I cannot endorse Gemma and her coaching enough - whatever field you're from, wherever you're going and whatever your goals."

Will, Norfolk

"I was a tad nervous joining the 'Find my Direction' workshop as wasn't sure how the group would work online but it was so supportive and Gemma has a lovely way to put everyone at ease immediately. I got so much out of the two sessions - it helped me to understand myself better and allowed me to dream of the possible. I came away more confident and inspired and with a sense of self worth that I was previous lacking. I really looked forward to my follow on call with Gemma which helped me work out the areas that were blocking me moving forward. Gemma is a natural and feels like a life long friend - someone who has your back!"

Caroline, South West

“Working with Gemma on my personal development has been amazing! I live a busy life and it’s hard to find time for me. Outside of focused sessions, Gemma is helping me to focus on my goals through diarising my reflections each day. I absolutely recommend this process. Short, front of mind reflections, that include thoughts and feelings. It is helping me to understand who I am, what I want, where I am going and how aligned I am. I find working with Gemma hugely rewarding. She is a fantastic listener, open, warm, friendly and insightful. Gemma is a great coach I highly recommend her!”

Alex, London

"Gemma made me feel completely at ease. It was as soon as the second session where Gemma coached me into realising some of my challenges and giving me a fresh new perspective which has made such a difference to my day to day life. Gemma is supportive, encouraging and a brilliant mentor. I would recommend her and coaching to anyone!"

Sheree, Norfolk

"Working with Gemma has been eye opening and I encourage anyone who maybe thinking about a coach to give her a call. I am a confident person in my abilities and outlook or at least that’s what I thought! Gemma has brought out more of me than I believed was possible. She inspired and encouraged me to take those extra steps and push myself that little bit harder. She helped me believe in me. She has made a huge difference to my outlook in both working and daily life."

Rebecca, Cornwall

"Gemma’s warm, calm presence is the foundation of her coaching, creating trust and ease from the start.  She is perceptive: asking open questions that lead to insight and discovery, and she is encouraging: helping with goal setting and small steps to start.  I continue to grow under her coaching, and highly recommend her."

Rachel, London

"Gemma has been coaching me for the last three months. She has a lovely, gentle but challenging coaching style, helping me bring clarity in life's muddle. I would not hesitate to recommend Gemma. She's a highly skilled coach who is dedicated to helping her clients achieve great outcomes."

Jess, London

"Gemma is truly exceptional when it comes to one to one coaching and mentoring. She has helped me to think outside the box and explore of channels of thought and process. Gemma from the first meeting makes you feel relaxed and starts to explore how she can help you with both your career and personal life. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gemma as a coach."

Marcus, Cambridgeshire

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