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Gemma Brown sitting on a couch leaning forward smiling

Hi, I'm Gemma

I help individuals and organisations confidently embrace their true identities - uncovering their values, needs and purpose.


I am committed to helping people, whether as individuals or as a team, find awareness, acceptance and a path forward.


In establishing a deep level of trust and creating a safe, supportive environment, you are able to explore who you are and what your future looks like.  With incisive questions and new perspectives, I create space for you to open your mind to new possibilities and different ways of thinking.


Working with me, you will find the clarity you’ve struggled to reach previously and gain accountability to help you move forward with ease - in whatever direction you choose. 


For individuals, this results in:

  • Increased confidence and self-belief

  • A sense of direction 

  • Increased clarity and certainty

  • More fulfilment and satisfaction

  • The confidence to live authentically, removing the mask

  • Improved decision making

  • Living and working with purpose

  • Re-setting the balance and prioritising well-being

  • Getting ‘unstuck', lost or out of control

  • Aligning with your values and improved sense of self

  • Renewed motivation and drive to achieve a goal

  • Less overwhelm and more control

For businesses this means:​

  • Motivated and engaged teams

  • Fulfilled, engaged people who feel at the heart of the business

  • Unveiling new strengths and capabilities of your people

  • Ability to overcome the blockers within individuals and teams

  • Tapping into hidden, unseen potential

  • Creative problem-solving

  • Enhanced relationships and improved ways of working

  • Successful, driven managers and leaders of the future

  • Clarity on what the business stands for and an ability to demonstrate values.

To read more about me and my journey to coaching, click here

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