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1-2-1 coaching

1-2-1 coaching provides a bespoke, tailored solution for your staff members. By creating the time and space for busy individuals to focus on their personal development in a safe, non-judgemental environment, they can confidently progress towards their goals. 

Common areas of focus are: 

> Transitioning into (or out of) a role

> Building confidence

> Defining leadership style

> Building resilience

> Improving decision making and delegation

> Defining and embracing strengths

> Managing conflict

> Creating work-life balance


Group coaching is a great way to bring together your people around a common personal development theme, such as: 

> Effective coaching skills

> Challenging imposter syndrome

> Building confidence

> Coaching skills for new managers

> Managing conflict

> Well-being at work 

> Embracing your authentic self

There are multiple benefits from group workshops in this way: from peer to peer support and shared learning, 

improved relationships between colleagues, creating a common language and approach around the set theme to taking the opportunity to practice giving and receiving feedback.

Well-being at work

According to the Mental Health Foundation (pre-COVID), work-related stress accounts for an average of 23.9 days of work lost for every person affected. Putting aside the financial cost of stress and poor 'work-health', a compassionate employer genuinely wants to support their people through the good and the bad. With so many demands on people in the workplace, it is important to create a culture where talking about stress, burn-out triggers, resources and coping strategies are welcomed.  A responsible employer will ensure open dialogue with its teams at all levels to ensure sustainable performance, enhanced productivity, decreased number of sick days plus awareness of 'presenteeism'.

This programme of six sessions supports your people identify what well-being means to them, enables them to take control of their own well-being, understand their current blockers and identify ways to create more balance for themselves in and out of work.

With guided activities to support well-being, and individual coaching sessions, this programme raises awareness, responsibility and action towards a more balanced, sustainable life.

Building a sustainable workforce

Never more has workplace well-being been of such importance. The resilience, well-being and agility of your teams, not only ensures happy, healthy individuals, it also guarantees a progressive, robust organisation. One built to last.

A successful well-being programme is one that is built into the core of your company, sits at the heart of your values and is lived and breathed at every level. 

Access to coaching services at the point your team need it most enables long term behaviour change, and habit transformation. In addition, I also offer: 

>  A well-being audit (based on size of company)

> A well-being programme aligned with your company values

> On-going 1-2-1 coaching for all staff to manage both immediate concerns and longer term goals

> Communications and internal marketing support for your intranet and newsletters

> Regular well-being online workshops / wellness 'check-ins'

> A report of recommendations and key observations



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