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she rises with confidence

This programme will give you the tools to build your confidence in the times you need it most. 

Do you want to build your confidence so you can create the life you want? This programme will enable you to gain practical tools to build your confidence, overcome imposter syndrome and speak up. 

upcoming workshop dates

4th July & 18th July, 9.30am-12.30pm

26th Sept & 3rd Oct, 9.30am-12.30pm

31st Oct, 10am-4pm

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about the programme

She Rises with Confidence exists to empower women through coaching and connection, and I am delighted to work with them and bring you this signature programme which supports women to build confidence. 

She Rises with Confidence is a group coaching programme that enables you to build confidence at work and in life. Confidence means different things to different people, and will ebb and flow at different times of our lives. This programme will give you the tools to build your confidence in the times you need it most.

Gemma Brown and Amber-Rose Smith

throughout the programme you will...

  • Have space to reflect on what confidence means to you

  • Reconnect with your confident self

  • Build relationships with other women

  • Explore ways to overcome beliefs that may be holding you back

  • Gain practical tools and techniques to positively reframe unhelpful negative thought patterns

  • Feel empowered to move forward in your life

  • Develop coaching skills useful for life in and around work

  • Be welcomed to our free community of practice where you can access a one hour group coaching session every quarter to continue your confidence building journey.

included in the programme

  • The full programme of content (either 3 x 2 hour workshops, 2 x 3 hour workshops or 1 x full day workshop) delivered on Zoom

  • An optional preparation call with a programme facilitator

  • Self reflection exercises and structured activities for confidence building

  • Access to a supportive network of women with opportunities to connect outside of the workshops

  • Slides, resources and recommended reading to use after the programme has finished

  • Access to our on-going Community of Practice, meeting 4 times a year

who is this programme for?

This programme is for you if you want to:

  • Feel more confident in situations where you want to speak up, be seen or promote yourself

  • Build confidence in and out of work

  • Reclaim your empowering inner voice

  • Identify and own your successes

  • Talk openly and candidly about how you feel without judgement and to a group of objective and supportive women


Investment for an individual: £165 (click below to book)

Investment for a corporate sponsored place: £250 (email for booking details)

She Rises with Confidence logo
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