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Reconnect to Well-Being

a six-week programme

  • 65 British pounds
  • Online / self-paced

workshop details

unlock your relationship with your own well-being, identify the things that bring you joy, how to integrate them into your life. Your well-being is unique to you! Your wants and needs are as individual as you are but how often do you take the time to ask: ’What does well-being mean to me?’. This programme will help you unlock your relationship with your own well-being, identify the things that bring you joy, how to integrate them into your life, remove the obstacles that have stood in your way, and feel connected with your own well-being plan. In this ever-changing, fast-paced, environment, we fall down in looking after ourselves, our minds and our bodies. All too often we give and give and run ourselves down - leading to bouts of anxiety, stress, burnout and illness until we lose connection with ourselves and what is truly important to us. ​The last few of years have left many of us feeling drained and questioning what is important. For the first time, many re-evaluated relationships, routines, work, and wellness. With this new perspective, this programme will help you define how you want your self-care to look. Our well-being, mental health and how we look after ourselves have never been more crucial in order to sustain our strength, our care for others, and our joy in each day. Take a fresh look at your well-being to enable you to build a connection back to yourself and your well-being. During this programme you will.. > Identify what well-being means to you and reconnect with yourself > Reflect on your well-being routine - what's working and what isn't? > Understand what is standing in the way of your prioritising your self-care > Identify step you can make to take back control of your well-being > Notice your triggers that could lead to burnout > Learn to value rest in the same way you value 'productivity' Included in the programme > identify your personal well-being goals, and create an action plan for how to get there > a workbook accompanies each module with an introduction to each subject, journaling prompts and exercises that will help you do more introspective work and gain more insights > support, motivation and a range of resources from my own experience Course duration: Self-paced, although recommend spacing over 6 weeks Start date: Start anytime you like, you can complete all learning in your own time

For online workshops, a minimum of 5 participants per session is required for the workshop to go ahead. 

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