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EMPOWER - Build your confidence

Get ready to believe in yourself and finally conquer imposter syndrome

  • Starts 18 Jul
  • From 165 British pounds
  • On Zoom

workshop details

Confidence is an extremely personalised feeling, a lack of which can lead to procrastination, overthinking, self-doubt and have an impact not only your relationships, but your well-being. In the workplace, do you find yourself: > ruminating over decisions, overthinking or procrastinating? > frustrating with yourself and wish you only had the self belief to do the things you wanted to do? > experiencing imposter-like thoughts and feelings that hold you back? In a safe group setting, we will explore all things confidence-related to give you new insights to your relationship with self-belief at work. Get ready to embrace your unique abilities, believe in your worth, speak up and navigate your career journey with newfound confidence and resilience. At any stage of your career, you can experience self-doubt, no matter how experienced you are. This workshop is for women who want to show up with increased confidence and ease. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to: > Create your own definition of confidence and challenge any unhelpful beliefs you have about what it means to be confident > Understand imposter syndrome, its impact on your work and how to overcome it > Recognise your personal triggers and negative self-talk patterns by creating your own confidence-building strategy ready to apply in those moments you doubt yourself > Identify practical strategies for building confidence and self-belief > Reframe unhelpful thoughts and internal chatter and equipped to face challenges and setbacks with a growth mindset Takes place on Thursday 18th July 2024 9.30am-1pm (GMT) On Zoom. The session will be recorded and shared if you are unable to attend this date. Alternatively, this is also re-running on 3rd Dec 2024. Once you’ve booked your place, you will receive confirmation and full details.

For online workshops, a minimum of 5 participants per session is required for the workshop to go ahead. 

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