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Journaling for well-being (in person)

Connect with others to build a regular journaling practice, in Duxford, Cambs

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 15 British pounds
  • Duxford Community Centre, Duxford, Cambridge

workshop details

Journaling and capturing your thoughts (either in structured or free form) on paper is scientifically proven to reduce stress, find clarity, increase patience, enable greater creativity and improve your general mental health and happiness. Many of us are overwhelmed by our thoughts and don't take the time to reflect. A regular practice of journaling can help support your well-being, enabling you to feel more in control. This workshop will provide guidance on journaling techniques in a calm and gentle setting. You'll be invited to practice journaling, reflecting on the experience and take some time for yourself and your self-care in the process. Whether you're brand new to journaling, intrigued or an avid journaler, everyone is welcome here into this space. All you need is a pen and an open mind. I will provide some paper, but you may like to bring along your own notebook or personal journal. What participants have said… “[These sessions have] Helped me process my thoughts and given me huge insights” “I feel like it's a timed permission to journal in the morning. It’s made me reflect on different things and opened up discussions between me and my husband on the topics.” “[They have helped me] be more focussed on journaling and maintaining the practice more frequently to unpick what I am really thinking and feeling with more understanding of how it impacts on day to day life.” 27th April, 10am-11.30am

For online workshops, a minimum of 5 participants per session is required for the workshop to go ahead. 

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