After the rollercoaster of the last 18 months, how does a day out, just for you to reflect and reconnect, sound?

Whether you’ve enjoyed a slower pace of life, or have felt challenged and overwhelmed with constant uncertainty, I invite you to join me to reflect back, reconnect inwards and reset your priorities to move forward.

This intimate, one day event takes place at the inspirational local setting of The Lodge, Duxford and will provide you with the essential time you need to take a pause, treat yourself and take stock. 

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1. reflect

"Looking back so that the path looking forward is even clearer" 

With private reflection and guided journaling practice you will reflect on your year and capture learnings to help you grow and move forward.

2. reconnect

Taking the time to reflect helps connect with your inner wisdom, your mind, body and spirit. We will be using structured coaching activities to reconnect to all that is important to you - right here, right now - and discover what, if anything, has changed for you.

3. reset

You will reset your goals and focus for the remainder of the year with a main emphasis on identifying your personal needs and ways you can positively meet these needs to enhance your energy, your relationships, your work and your downtime.

you will take away...

A renewed sense of energy and focus after reconnecting with yourself in a calm, supportive environment

Clarity of how the last 18 months has impacted you and what you want to take forward into the ‘new normal’

Awareness of your personal needs and how to better meet these needs to support your self-care

A personal plan of priorities to enable you to move forward

New connections with like-minded people on a similar journey to you

Experience of group coaching and a knowledge of how guided reflection can support your personal development and well-being

All for £65

what to expect...

> this is your journey

This is a private journey for you with the attentive support of like-minded individuals. My role is to create an environment where everyone feels safe, comfortable and at ease.

> everyone is welcome

All activities, and guided exercises are designed for people at all levels of experience, regardless of where you are on your personal development journey.

> get comfortable with silence

Time out for reflection means at times we will be in silence within the group. This can feel uncomfortable for some but is totally natural and a powerful part of self-discovery.

> timing is everything

Timing is important so we will move through the agenda as planned. I suggest making notes so that you can continue your reflection further in your own time. 

There will be time for you to get some fresh air or reflect in private in the grounds of the venue.

> confidential and safe

Everything shared remains confidential and you never need to share with the group unless of course you would like to. Hearing others’ experiences and reflections can help connect, deepen learning and build our own confidence and is a beautiful part of group sessions.

Take part in as much or as little as you want to.

> a note on tech

Downtime and disconnecting from distractions is important. Therefore, I like to keep phone usage and technology interactions to a minimum and phones are excluded from the group sessions.

If you do need to make a call or check emails, I request that you do so at one of the breaks, for the comfort of the whole group.

included in the event...

> nourishment

Refreshments for the day including plenty of tea and coffee, homemade cake and a glass of fizz.

Plus a locally sourced vegetarian lunch. 

> guided meditation

Peaceful guided meditation practices - one short practice and one longer practice to close the day.

> group coaching

Group coaching activities which will inspire, engage and enable you to think at a deeper level. This will include private reflection time too.

> materials and guidance

A detailed workbook outlining all activities and notes pages to capture your specific thoughts. A keep safe for you to refer to at a later date.

> connection

You will connect with like-minded people in this supportive environment. This support is known to provide invaluable accountability which lasts long past the programme itself.

more about me...

I work with people uncover their true selves, grow their confidence and design a life and career that aligns with their values.

I believe that time and space to reflect enables us to find clarity. But time and space is rare in our busy lives.  

I worked with my own coach to establish my life direction and this is what inspires me every day to help you find yours. 

The last 18 months have given us chance to re-evaluate our lives and careers, and think about what's important. If you want to take time out to crystalise this in your mind and connect with others doing the same, I'd love to see you on 18th Sept. 

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