a time to reflect

We are on a journey. A journey of discovery.

Significant events enable us the opportunity to learn and grow. COVID-19 and the lock-down has proven just that. Within a short time frame, we've changed, adapted, adjusted and taken the highs with the lows.

We have learnt a lot but often fail to give ourselves the space and time to reflect. Reflection, or 'thinking' helps us create conscious awareness about what is happening and identify what we want for the future. 

This two-hour online workshop will enable you to do just that. Together we will explore the questions, such as: 'What has changed for me?', 'What have I noticed?', 'How do I want to move forward?'.  It is a group session with up to 8 people and you will not be asked to share anything you do not feel comfortable to share.

Expect to finish the session with an understanding of what you have learnt from this situation, what you want to take forward, what you want to leave behind and some accountability to help you put plans in place.  

what participants said

"Fantastic workshop with Gemma with a lovely group of people, all with their own unique experiences which they shared. The workshop helped to give some focus on life and they changes I need. Highly recommend Gemma."

Mark, Cambridge

"Great session that helped me review my experiences of lock-down, my learning and establish a clear way forward."

Suzanna, Cambridge

"The reflection workshop I attended was exactly what I needed to help me unlock some of my thoughts and actions. I enjoyed being in a group setting and Gemma has a beautiful skill of making everyone feel so welcome and comfortable!"

Carla, Cambridge

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