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Your year starts now!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Welcome to 2020 - your year starts now. Its a time to look forward to the year ahead; to design the year that you want and to take control. If this feels a little overwhelming, it doesn’t need to be. Have a think about what it is that overwhelms you - that gives you a clue as to where to start. Common fears at this time of year:

  • ‘I don’t know where to start’

  • ‘I feel hopeless’

  • ‘Nothing is within my control’

  • ‘There’s too much to do so I’ll do nothing’

  • ‘I don’t even know what I want’

  • ‘I want to change something, but don’t know what’

  • ‘Everyone else is doing so much, I don’t have the motivation’

  • ‘I don’t have the time, money, resources’

  • ‘I probably won’t achieve my goals anyway’

  • ‘I want to hide from the world’

We all experience these thoughts, but often they are surface-level. You need to go deeper if you really want to move forward. When you look at what lies underneath those (or similar) statements, you will uncover the real issue. Is it a fear of failure, fear of change, of not feeling good enough, a lack of direction, perhaps too many options or even that you’re chasing someone else’s dream? All of these things are within your power to overcome and get to where you want to be! Believe me. Everything starts with a plan, and New Year is no different! You can beat your overwhelm and have your best year yet!

If you want to find balance. If you want to transition with ease. If you want to find your purpose. If you want to channel true confidence. If you want to embrace your authentic self. This is where we begin.

Gemma Brown Coaching, Cambridge
Gemma Brown Coaching

Gemma Brown is a certified coach working with people to navigate successfully through transitions - be it career, relationships or life in general. Her belief is that when we confidently bring our whole selves to all areas of life, anything is possible. Transitions exist in both our personal and business life, and so often, the two fiercely overlap. Coaching with Gemma focuses on you as a whole, enabling you to identify your strengths, build confidence and to live a life with increased purpose and direction. Gemma is based in Cambridgeshire and carries out face to face coaching in the area as well as 1-2-1 coaching via Skype and Zoom. For more about Gemma, visit her 'About' page or contact her directly.

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