Build confidence and boldly be you - register your interest

Workshops in the South Cambridgeshire area

Attend a group workshop on 'Being our true selves by building confidence' . Group coaching is hugely beneficial as it gives a sense of community, involvement and a sense of belonging as well as ideas generation. It also means coaching can be more accessible and cost effective for each individual. Particularly for those trialling coaching for the first time. 

The workshops will be limited to 12-16 people in a South Cambridge location, and focus on: 

  • Boldly being your true self

  • Identifying what holds us back from being our authentic selves

  • Identifying strengths to build confidence

  • Identifying and challenging negative beliefs about ourselves

  • Having fun, plus generating ideas and inspiration!

The workshops are open to all so please email to register your interest if you would like to be informed of dates and locations.  Here is also a short blog with a few more details.