Mastering self-compassion

Being kind and loving towards ourselves should be the easiest thing. Knowing what stands in our way can be the first step in move forward.

4 questions to be more authentic

With the confidence to be authentic in all areas of life, anything is possible. But how can we practice being authentic more often?

Be still to understand.

Many of us are confused and struggling to understand our feelings. Instead of distracting yourself, try to become still to understand.

'Dear diary' - why do I write?

Over the last 25 years I have filled the pages of numerous notebooks. Writing is known to help relieve stress, tension and anxiety.

Four ways to practice presence

How do you pause to take stock? Taking a few minutes helps ground you, builds resilience and gives you strength to go on.

A time to reflect

Reflection, or 'thinking' is one way to become aware of what has changed around us. It helps create conscious awareness for moving forward.