'If only I knew then...'

The podcast that celebrates the important lessons we wish we could share with our younger selves


Here guests share the lessons they’ve learnt as they’ve grown older (and a little wiser?) and the things they wish they had known then that they know now. 

Each week I talk to a new guest about the life experience that has shaped who they are now and what the lessons are that they’ve learnt that they would love to share with their younger self.

Info for potential guests

The podcast will have a free-flowing conversational style around the above title, but will also include some core elements which I cover on every episode as well as a general outline, and so just wanted to share with you, in advance, so you will know what we'll be covering:

Introduction - You will be invited to share a little about who you are, your back story and how you got to where you are today.

General Conversation - To include chat around...

  • Think back to a point in your younger years that feels prominent to you (younger being anything earlier than today).

  • What time in your life stands out for you? Tell us about that time - what was going on?

  • How did you deal with that time? Resources? 

  • What was going well, what was not?

  • What age were you? How would you describe yourself then? How is that different from now?

  • What would you want to do differently, if anything?

  • What are your reflections on that time now?

  • What is the lesson that stands out?

  • How do you live by that lesson now? How has it shaped you?

  • What would you say to people of that age now?

  • If you could go back to a point in time, what age would you choose and what advice would you give yourself?

  • Fast forward to your future self - what would you want to say to that version of you? 

How to connect - An opportunity to share where listeners can connect with you online so please be prepared with your website, and social media account info, for sharing.